What I’ve Learned During My First Month On Clubhouse…

Yes, a new app has arrived on our phones and taken center stage. Introducing the new voice-only app called Clubhouse. No video, no fancy pictures, no hashtags, no location tags…just voice. Think of it as a live talk show that includes people calling in and asking for your opinion, asking question, and making comments. You create a Room about a subject of your choice, and within minutes people start entering waiting to hear your wisdom.

However, this app isn’t as easy as it sounds. Within hours after I joined, I found myself spending endless hours going into different Rooms, following multiple people, and trying to quickly learn the new terminology. After a couple of days, I finally learned the hang of it and started hosting Rooms with friends, fellow entrepreneurs, and even some of my clients. After two weeks I signed my first client with someone who entered my Room to learn more about Digital Marketing. After 4 weeks I have gained 120 followers on Instagram, and let’s just say that’s more than I’ve gained in a very very long time. This app is definitely taking center stage, so welcome to the future.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the lingo:

The Hallway> When you first enter the app you’ll be brought to the Hallways which is a list of Rooms that people you follow or Club members have created. The Rooms in your Hallway are currently happening, so if you’d like to join click on the Room and you’ll automatically be brought into the Room.

Marketing on Clubhouse

Room> aka Clubhouse Event

Club> similar to a FB Group

Stage> The section in the room where you are able to speak, ask questions, and make comments. This is the top section of the room and always where you’ll find the moderators. If you did not start the Room, you can Raise Your Hand to ask the moderators to allow you to come up on Stage.

Raise Hand> When you enter the Room as an audience member (unless invited to be a moderator, if you’re not hosting a room you’re automatically an audience member) and you have a comment to say or a question to ask, you can raise your hand to be brought onto the Stage. Once on stage you’ll instantly see the speaking capabilities added, BUT don’t forget to click mute until you are speaking. The microphone picks up anything going on in your background.

Reset the Room> This is when moderators recap what they are talking about for new people who have entered the Room. Typically moderators Reset the Room every 15-20 minutes. I’ve heard Rooms Reset the Room every 5 minutes but to be honest, it gets annoying.

Bell Notification> Typically toward the end of a Room, Moderators will mention to the audience to turn on the Bell Notifications in order for them to be notified of upcoming events from the host. Similar to YouTube Bell Notifications, by turning them on you’ll be notified when the Moderators schedule and start a new Room. If it’s someone that you want to hear more from, it’s a good idea to turn them on so that you don’t miss a Room that they host.

Here are a couple of other tips:

  1. If you aren’t talking but you’re on Stage, mute your microphone. This app seems to pick up all types of background noise so be prepared and mute.
  2. Just as I mentioned above, promote to your audience to turn on the Bell Notifications so that they can receive notifications of when you schedule and start a Room. To turn them on, go to a profile and click the bell at the top.
  3. Optimize your profile. You can add a lot to your Clubhouse profile so go in and add who you are, what you do, and who you are.
  4. Bring a pen and paper. In each Room I host or join I always jot down notes on what the audience is asking and what the moderators are talking about. I then use those notes for market research, content ideas, and better understand people’s pain points.

I’ve also learned…

✨The connections are real.

I’ve sent DMs, connected with new people, and since using this app I’ve had 3 Discovery Calls with potential clients, and one just booked last week! I’ve also gained more connections by hosting 3 Rooms per week for 1 hour than I have the past 3 months of going through IG hashtags, commenting, and liking content. Why wouldn’t you want to start strategizing on an app that’s gaining results? I think you can guess what your answer should be.

✨You can’t fake it.

The greatest thing about the “live talk show” concept is that it puts you on the spot. Which wouldn’t be a good thing if you hosted a Room on a subject you’re not confident in speaking about. You can’t fake it on this app like you can on IG with making images look super pretty when in reality you have a cereal box as a tripod. When guests come up to the stage to ask a question, you have seconds to answer. So make sure you host a Room about a subject you ARE knowledgeable in. I’ve been in Rooms where I can immediately tell the Moderator doesn’t know what they’re talking about and I’m not the only one. Within minutes you’ll also see other people leaving the Room. People can tell, so overall there’s no faking it on this app.

✨Talking in Rooms is just as important as hosting Rooms.

Similar to Instagram where you should follow the phrase “don’t post and ghost.” Same thing with Clubhouse. You can’t just host Rooms all the time and not expect to join any others. I suggest hopping in at least one Room per day to either just listen or actually raise your hand and ask a question. Always remember, apps want you to spend time on the app SO use all the features it has in order for your account to be pushed in front of others. This is the case specifically for IG, so if Clubhouse is building their algorithm in any similar way, then start using ALL the features on the app.

✨You’re allowed to pitch…for 30 seconds NOT 5 minutes.

We know what you’re trying to do. ? AND IT’S ANNOYING. Think about it as an in-person scenario. Imagine you just heard your favorite entrepreneur speak and provide incredible value BUT you have a question. There would be A LOT of eye rolls in the crowd if instead of you asking a question you came up and spoke about yourself, your company, and the services/products you have to offer. Not only would that be rude to the audience but also the speaker’s time as well. It’s okay to introduce yourself and say 1 sentence about your business. BUT if you start rambling for 5 minutes and you talk about your services, pricing, and your processes (I’ve heard it all) then it’s time for you to STOP and cut that down to 1 minute TOPS.

✨Community over competition.

This is the number one reason why I love this app. I’ve connected with more branding and marketing professionals over the past two weeks than I have the past three years in business. The best part? We’re actually learning, listening, and genuinely interacting with one another. It’s great to hear from others in my industry that I can talk to about different ideas, pain points, and wtf marketing moments that have worked. I host a weekly Digital Marketing Happy Hour with another Marketing Agency based out of Tennessee and each week we bring something new to the table for our listeners, but I also learn from them as well. If you’re trying to learn and connect with others in your industry then this is the app to USE!

✨Take advantage now.

Clubhouse is where IG was back in 2014-2015. It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s different, and people are actually enjoying it. Join in, listen, and start hosting Rooms. I remember when Instagram first became popular in 2013. I remember that I thought it was dumb for me to post pictures all about myself living my glamorous life in Paris (I was living there at the time), talking about myself, and having others comment about what I’m doing. About 2 years later was when Instagram blew up and I quickly realized that I should have highlighted every aspect of my Paris life. As business owners, you want to be ahead of others in order to stand out. SO, start using this app now. Especially before ads start, billions of people join, or you start reading articles “how to grow on Clubhouse” in 2 years. Get started TODAY!

So if you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed. This is the app of the future, so if you’re not using it in your marketing strategy I highly suggest you start ASAP. If you’re not sure where to begin, sign up for the Clubhouse Masterclass I am hosting on March 31sr at 3pm EST. In this 90 minute Masterclass, you’ll learn how to optimize your Clubhouse profile, how to integrate this new app into your marketing strategy, AND I’ll even provide prompts for you to use when you host your first Clubhouse Room. Hope to see you there!

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