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The WOW Series

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The WOW Series is a diverse speaker and interview series that works to advance professionals & entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to be heard on our podcast, YouTube channel, and virtual panel discussions. 

Abigail Gibbons, the founder of The WOW Series, approached us to book a Brand Mini Shoot and help re-design The WOW Series website.

We worked to help create a cohesive brand website that helped elevate The WOW Series brand. With the Brand Mini Shoot, Abby was able to use the photos and brand video to promote herself as the founder and what The WOW Series is all about.

brand video

With The WOW Series brand video, Abigail was able to use it on The WOW Series website and to promote her crowdfunding campaign with iFund Women

kind words about our work

what Abigail Gibbons had to say

“Before hiring Apto Media, I had trouble cohesively expressing the mission of The WOW Series and I had no way to show our different products and media platforms. I knew I needed an expert to help guide me in how to piece together a cohesive and clear message. After working with Apto Media I feel ready to take on the world and make that MONEY!!! Seriously, I feel set up for success now as I go to scale our community and bring in brand partners. I have a clear place to send people to learn more, and clear messaging for people to really learn how we work and operate.

You can trust Anneliese to get your brand messaging down to a perfect & clear message and she makes the daunting process very easy. You just tell her what you need and a beautiful, clear brand is the result! She also helps guide you in refining your business model and platform & provides much more than just branding services.”

Abigail Gibbons

Founder of The WOW Series


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We worked with Abigail Gibbons, the founder of The WOW Series, to shoot a Brand Mini Shoot and re-design The WOW Series website. Click below to view more information about the services she booked.

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