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Rahel is a model, signed with Women 360. Before posing in front of the camera her most important job is being a mother. Her love and passion for fashion and fitness has proven to be contagious amongst her clients. With a background in yoga she incorporates various breathing techniques to coincide with her training. Rahel’s ability to blend her yoga background with traditional exercise has been effective in maximizing the client’s mind & body connection.

Rahel booked a VIP Marketer Day in which we created branding materials and a 3 month marketing strategy in 24 hours, for her to promote Strong & Lean and reach her ideal customer.

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“Before working with Apto Media I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I was amazed at what Apto Media was able to create in 24 hours. Working with the team was a great experience and I plan on working with them again in the future. With the plan and materials, they provided I feel confident that my brand will grow. Trust me when I say, you will not regret working with Apto Media.”

Rahel Ghebremichael

Founder of Strong & Lean

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