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Yinsa is more than just a cool coined term; It’s an Ayurvedic, yoga-centric wellness lifestyle founded on the premise that preservation of the body and soul is the key to a joyful life. Living a nutritionally and mindfully balanced lifestyle that includes self-care through daily rituals and practices, patience with long-term lifestyle changes, the practice of yoga, and the inclusion of joyful, cultural experiences make up the core principles of Yinsa.

We continue to work with LiveYinsa each month to create a consistent marketing strategy. We help implement the marketing strategy on her social media platforms, email marketing, website, and her e-commerce brand, Yinsa Skincare.

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“Before I started working with Apto, I was overwhelmed with all of the different marketing strategies I was hearing about. Apto took over and has elevated my brand through consistency, a thorough and effective communication and feedback process, and I am now feeling like I can focus on the work that I do rather than selling the work that I do. My clients are always complementing me on the look and feel of my emails, website, and social media accounts and that is all the work of Apto. I have loved learning from and working with this team!”

Daniele Gates

Founder of LiveYinsa and Yinsa Skincare

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