4 Mistakes I Made When I Started My Business

Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days…I couldn’t help it.

It felt like a moment to open a blog post to that sentence. Maybe I’ll do a podcast episode too about it. But for now, this content is a blog post.

Yes, I made a couple, maybe 10 or 15 mistakes when I first started my business. I have learned from each mistake, implement changes in my business to avoid them again, and now I’m teaching you how to avoid them too. These were the top 4 mistakes I made when I first started my business. Maybe someday I’ll tell them all, but here are the top 4 for now:

DIY Contracts

I’m so ashamed to say that I DIY’d my contracts when I first got started. I got a contract from my mom’s business, then copy&pasted a couple from the internet for free, and added them into my HoneyBook account, hoping they would work. Well, they didn’t.

A client still owes me about $20K, and it’s all because the DIY contract I had them sign would never have held up in court. I even consulted a lawyer. When I gave the lawyer my contract, he rolled his eyes and said, “who wrote this piece of sh*t for you.” I couldn’t help but laugh and told him the truth. Leaving his office, I got into my car and shed a tear.

I now work with a fantastic layer, Not Your Father’s Lawyer, who has helped me write up 4 amazing contracts that I use consistently in my business every day. If you don’t have a lawyer, definitely chat with her!

I also personally recommend going to a lawyer at the beginning versus going with templates as then you will fully understand the context in your contracts.

Bad Mindset

This one took me a long time to overcome, and to be honest – I’m still working on it. I was never a believer in affirmations, mindset, meditations – I thought it was all BS. I’m a very strategic person that needs to see action to see results. Well, after almost 4 years in business, I am finally a believer.

Having a positive and healthy mindset is everything. It controls how you conduct business, who you work with, and the positive results you can provide your clients.

I would go through these intense seasons of burnout, exhaustion, and just overall question why I was running a business. Not any more.

Now I have a schedule and a system to work on my mindset, and the results I have achieved are incredible. I say my affirmations throughout the day, and at night I journal for 20-30 minutes to let go of my fears and get my manifestations down on paper.

Sahreen, the founder of Boss With Sahreen, has excellent resources on her Instagram account and focuses on helping entrepreneurs with their mindset and teaching them how to step into their brand authority. Reach out to her if you feel you need support and help in the mindset department.

Never Knew My Numbers

Ughhhh, I could push early business myself off a cliff now for not knowing my numbers. YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. You need to know your bottom line, revenue goals, and how much money is going in and out of your business. If you don’t know your numbers, your business WILL NOT GROW. Plain and simple.

So if you’re reading this thinking, “oh crap,” here’s what you’re going to do. Sit down and look at the income that has come in the past 3 months, add up all your expenses, and that is your net. From your net, figure out how much you’ve paid yourself (and if you haven’t, definitely start paying yourself first) and how much you can save for your business to gain more profit. Later you can use that profit to reinvest in your business, hire employees/contractors, or save up for a brand shoot.

Inconsistent Marketing Strategy

If you know me, I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it, being consistent in your business is going to really move the needle and push your business forward.

Being inconsistent in your business will make it appear low quality, lose trust for potential customers, it will not be taken seriously, you’ll be forgotten, and your competition will take over.

Those are all huge reasons why a consistent marketing strategy is super important.

The best thing I did to start creating content consistently for my business was set 2 days per month to create content strictly on those two days. I schedule them and put them in my calendar so they are there and can’t be removed. Creating content on those two set days allows me to not worry about creating content last minute, and I have a strategic schedule in place.

So those are the 4 major mistakes I’ve made in my business, along with what I do to prevent them from happening again in the future. If this helped you in any way, I’d love to know! Please send me an email at [email protected], hope to from you!

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